ISKON oil production technology comprises three parts:

Preparation of oil crop grain (cleaning, drying, storing)

Separation of oil from the grain (peeling and pressing of the grain, extraction of the obtained pellets, water degumming of the raw oil)

Refining of the oil – a 4-stage process:

  • Cold degumming – removal of phosphatides, waxes and soaps in the RSI 300 separator
  • Bleaching – removal of pigments, metal ions and remaining soap
  • Winterisation – minimal dozing of filtration agents for removing waxes if they come through the bleaching phase
  • Deodorisation – removal of undesirable smells and tastes, as well as most FFAs (free fatty acids) from the oil, though a vacuum distillation procedure with the addition of direct water steam

Edible refined sunflower oil comes out of the deodorisation process and moves on to the filling station, where it is put into bottles that are closed and labelled and come off the production line as the finished product - ISKON Oil.


Cold Degumming – new oil refinery technological procedure

Thanks to investments made in the refinery production plan, including the installation of the RSI 300 separator, raw oil refinement with wax content of above 1500 ppm without any reduction in production capacity has been made possible. The application of cold degumming technology has allowed us to achieve high quality output oil, minimal input raw oil, lower use of filtration agents in winterisation and a relatively short period of cross-over from one oil crop to another.